Saturday, December 09, 2023


An edited picture showing Cambodian fans holding a portrait photo of Pol Pot

While Pol Pot was known as the first big brother of the Khmer Rouge leaders and the Prime Minister of the Democratic Kampuchea regime, known as the “Khmer Rouge regime”, massacred millions of Cambodians, a photo of Cambodian national football fans standing with a photo of him along with the caption “We love Pol Pot”. […]

A Photo of Mu Sochua Swimming in a Pool with an Activist Digitally Edited

Mu Sochua is one of the CNRP’s senior leaders who lives in exile outside Cambodia after a heavy political crackdown in 2017. As she keeps her political fighting from abroad, a picture of Sochua swimming with an opposition activist was circulated on social media. The picture has been shared on social media for years. However, […]


Photos of monks sitting next to women and singing produced by AI

Two monks are shown singing and sitting next to women in a photo that Facebook users shared, even though monks are considered more valuable and adhere to Buddhism more strictly than ordinary people.  Numerous social media users have shared and commented on the post numerous times. Nevertheless, Fact Crescendo Cambodia’s fact-finding investigation showed that the […]

Is this the right approach to check if you have healthy lungs?

While the lungs and respiratory system allow oxygen in the air to be taken into the body while also letting the body get rid of carbon dioxide in the air breathed out, an exercise that includes holding your breath might help you identify whether your lungs are in excellent health or are not working regularly, […]

Have these buildings collapsed in Israel recently?

Since the Israeli-Hamas Palestinian war erupted in early October, several videos related to the conflict have been posted on social media. Meanwhile, a video clip showing a multi-story building collapsing was posted on Facebook and TikTok recently. The video is linked to claims that it was the scene of a building collapse in Israel. The […]

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